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Support the Families United Mission

Activism is a lot of work and it’s certainly not cheap. Travel expenses alone make this work very difficult. Here’s how you can help:

Make a donation. While we maintain our commitment to all of our work, this allows us to focus more on activism and less on fundraising. This is very important as we are often working against those who control the majority of the wealth, power and resources and that means we need boots and bodies on the ground.

Join us at our local events. We work with many other like-minded organizations and we share tasks and responsibilities. Together we can be more effective than we would be alone.

Use social media to spread information about our work and show up if you can make it.

Organize an event yourself, with those in your community, or for a specific goal that you believe in. We will support it as much as we can and also post the result to our website so others can be inspired.

If you have a skill set that may benefit us, please let us know! Organizers are often needed to help with specific events, education, research, and media relations.

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